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Holiday Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

By November 28, 2022No Comments

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The holidays are here, and that means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. As you dig into your feasts during Thanksgiving and get ready for the magic of Christmas in Tampa Bay, there may be a change in the weather, more on your to-do list, and increased stress. Let’s face it, the toll the holidays can take on your body can be intense.

While the holiday season can be a time to spend with your family, enjoy company with friends, celebrate and laugh, it can be coupled with extra mental pressure resulting in a negative impact on your complexion. Whether it be breakouts, dry skin, itchiness, or dullness, we usually have to make adjustments in our skincare routine during the holidays.

It is important to know that there is a solution to bringing back the glow to our skin and feeling ready for the celebrations. Today, we’re discussing some of the causes for our poor complexion and providing ways you can get your skin back in check and ready to celebrate the holidays your way.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to keep your skin and body healthy

We often underestimate how much our intake of water can affect our skin. However, it truly is the most natural way, not to mention one of the easiest skincare routines, to get our face and body glowing from within. There are many benefits from drinking enough water, including reducing wrinkles, increasing our skin’s elasticity, decreasing toxins, and preventing acne and scarring. That’s right, all from drinking more water!

While the recommended amount of water to drink per day is dependent on your sex and weight, according to the Mayo Clinic, it would be beneficial to be drinking between 2-3 liters of fluids per day. So grab your Stanley Cup or favorite emotional support water bottle and start drinking.

At Replenish IV Solutions, we also provide services for hydration and rejuvenation that are beneficial for your skin. Each of our IV infusions are joined with a bag of fluids and customized with vitamins that match your specific needs.

Ask about our Revitalize IV that helps in skin repair and body detoxification at your next visit. This IV therapy uses vitamins such as Glutathione, Magnesium, Calcium and more to leave you feeling glowy and hydrated.

Getting beauty sleep, and enough of it, can have a positive impact on your skin

Have you ever gotten a bad night of sleep and someone asked you, “Are you sick?” Yeah, that always hurts. It is no secret that undereye bags are less than cute, so getting enough sleep is very important.

We know that sleepless nights are more often associated with stress and busy brains, especially around the holidays where there are overwhelming reminders of the upcoming days. While this all might sound like things you know already, there is actually science backing the theory that getting enough sleep can be beneficial for our mental state and our complexion.

While we sleep, our bodies are busy working on things such as making new collagen and increasing blood flow. New collagen keeps our skin plump and decreases the chance of the formation of wrinkles. Lack of blood flow to the face can make us appear lifeless and dull, so the more blood flow, the more our skin increases that natural glow.

If you are having trouble sleeping due to stress or lack of mental clarity, we recommend B-12, B Vitamins, and Magnesium. These vitamins work to relax the body and give us what we need to reduce stress.

Plus, we offer 24/7 Concierge Services where you can get these vitamins right before bed and then snooze all night.

Changing our skincare during the winter can help to cope with the temperature changes

We love the colder temperatures, especially in Florida, because that means crisp air, warm drinks, Christmas lights (and Hallmark movies). But, unfortunately, it usually also means our skin is going to see some changes, too.

The drop in temperature often wreaks havoc, making our faces and bodies dry and itchy. Don’t fret, though. We have some tips for fighting the winter and keeping your skin glowing.

  • Update your skincare regimen
    Moisturizer is going to be your best friend during the fall and winter months, trust us. Just start lathering daily from your head to toes, seriously. Trap the moisture as much as you can, which means doing it right after bathing and even using one that is cream-based.
  • Stop taking HOT showers and start taking warm ones
    This may sound silly, but hot water can have serious effects on your skin. In fact, hot water can often strip our body of the natural oils it needs to keep the moisture barrier. So, during the colder months, take more lukewarm showers and keep them short.
  • Book that facial
    At our Replenish IV Solutions spa, we have services that help you bring back the glow, and keep it. These treatments provide moisture and fight the pesky cold affects the temperatures have on our skin. One of the most popular services for this would be an LED Light Hydration facial. In addition, there are so many ways to look and feel your best during the holiday season.

Don’t forget to take off your makeup before bed

We have all had those nights where we just want to climb in bed and close our eyes, but it is important to remember to always remove your makeup and wash your face before you do that. One of the most common causes of acne is from clogged pores, which often makeup can do. Leaving our makeup on for long periods of time, or overnight, can cause blocked pores which then leads to breakouts.

Before going to bed, try double cleansing with a skin oil and then washing your face with a purifying cleanser. To add another layer, use a fresh microfiber towel to wash and wipe away your makeup.

Treat previous damage to your skin

When visiting our office or taking advantage of our 24/7 Concierge Services, you know that you will always get the best of the best. The best service, the best locations, the best vitamins, and the best experience. We customize everything to fit your needs; whether you are getting an IV or visiting our Spa, everything you need is right here at Replenish IV Solutions.

Allow our professionally trained estheticians to create the perfect treatment plan for you – based on your skin needs and concerns. No matter your reasoning for visiting, we have a service for you! Book your free consultation today and start looking and feeling your best at Replenish IV Solutions.

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