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Feel Your Best On Your Schedule, Your Way With The Replenish Concierge Service

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It’s scientifically proven – we’re all busier than we’ve ever been. Raise your hand if any of these “Signs You Are Too Busy and Need to Take a Break” sound familiar:

  • You Hardly See Your Family
  • You Aren’t Present
  • You’re Exhausted
  • You Never Take Vacations
  • You Have a Hard Time Focusing for More Than 10 Minutes
  • You Don’t Remember What You Had for Breakfast
  • Your Workspace Is Messy
  • You Double-Book or Miss Appointments

The chances are you raised your hand for at least a couple of them. And if you did, you’re not alone. There are tons of reasons we’re busier than we’ve ever been, even during the COVID pandemic when, oftentimes, we’ve spent more time at home than ever before.

In a world that has us always connected we tend to never slow down. Technology has connected us in a way that doesn’t allow us a chance to disconnect and take a break. Psychology Today identified a few reasons why we might be busier than we were before:

Twenty-Four-Hour Meeting Schedule: reports show that it’s more common for meetings to take place outside normal working hours, which means we’re more frequently “on call” before 7am or after 7pm.

Multiple Jobs At Home: as we’ve coped with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have learned how to be a school teacher, daycare provider, or chef, all while trying to meet the expectations of our day jobs.

Being Stressed Takes Time: as Psychology Today states, “stress and anxiety are time consuming.” Taking care of the kids, doing multiple jobs, cleaning the house, walking the dogs, and even just finding time to relax has us pushing boundaries of what’s healthy.

Rethinking Your Approach

Two years ago, we all had our routines and ways of doing things. But, as we’ve seen since the coronavirus pandemic started, even how we do the most basic tasks in our lives has shifted. Even as our lives start to somewhat return to normal, it’s just not the same, to say nothing of prioritizing health and wellness in our lives.

We’re having to rethink our approach to just about everything, from how we socialize and work to how we practice self-care. The necessity of self-care hasn’t decreased, in fact it’s more important than ever. But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so how we do that as a society has changed.

Our minds can’t disconnect from the stress anymore. Whether it’s the personal to-do lists staring at you because you’re now working from home or the professional tasks and duties that keep piling up, we’re always presented with ongoing needs that need to be met.

The work is never done, and our minds are never able to break away. We’re answering hundreds of email daily from 6am to 10pm, taking mid-day breaks to do house chores, switching from one task to another, and trying to keep up, all while our personal wellness suffers.

While there are solutions to each of these, and a great number of resources out there to help find those solutions, we should never let self-care and wellbeing suffer, which has become the norm. We need to rethink our approach and how much we prioritize these necessary components of our lives.

Feeling Your Best On Your Schedule With The Mobile IV Concierge Service

We recognize that the need to feel your best has never been greater, but the ability to do so has evolved dramatically. The Replenish IV team has been helping the Tampa Bay community feel their best since 2015, and working to meet the changing needs of our community since the pandemic began.

Just one of the ways we continue to bring these services to the community is through the Replenish Mobile IV Therapy Concierge Service. Servicing the greater Tampa Bay region, our mobile team of IV certified licensed medical professionals bring the Replenish IV Solutions experience to you in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel.

Our passionate team of licensed and experienced nurses is committed to your wellbeing, and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The same high-quality premier experience, service, and vitamins help you replenish and revitalize on your schedule and your time.

More about the Replenish IV Mobile Concierge Service:

Q. How much does it cost for you to come to my house?
A. The concierge fee ranges from $25-$100 depending how far the location is from our office.


Q. Does the service have to be in my home?
A.  No, we can offer services virtually anywhere. A few examples would be at a concert, beaches, on a boat, or in an airplane.


Q. What are the hours for concierge?
A. We offer concierge services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment online.


Q. Will you go anywhere in Florida?
A. Yes, however services outside of our predetermined zones will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


The Replenish IV Experience

The Replenish IV Solutions team provides a variety of therapies to help you find the right treatment for your body and to live a healthy and youthful lifestyle. However you choose to practice and prioritize self-care, let our dedicated team be a part of your solutions and lifestyle.

Our services include personalized IV therapies, vitamin injections, NAD+, regenerative therapy, diagnostic screening, and esthetics to include injectable therapies. We also offer health and beauty retail products.

In addition to the Replenish IV Mobile Concierge Service, we offer services at four locations throughout Tampa and surrounding areas, including South Tampa, Carrollwood, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills.

Don’t forget to connect with us across our social media channels where you can learn more about events, promotions and more: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn.