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Give Your Immune System The Boost It Needs During COVID Spike

By August 10, 2021December 21st, 2022No Comments

Boosting your immune system. We all know it’s important, and we’ve heard for years, or even decades, that it’s something we should focus on. Health supplements tout their immune boosting effects. Even some grocery products promote how much they contribute to a healthy immune system.

We get it; every single one of us recognizes it’s important to boost your immune system, but so few of us take the necessary steps to ensure we have a healthy and robust immune system.

There’s no shortage of recommendations on how to boost your immune system, including:

  • Exercising regularly;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Don’t smoke;
  • Drink alcohol in moderation;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Get enough key vitamins and minerals;
  • Maintain a healthy weight;
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables; and
  • The list goes on and on.

Let’s face it, in any random year of our lives, checking off even a few of these boxes would be challenging. Life gets in the way, kids and family take priority, work is stressful, cooking takes time, and sometimes you just want to indulge in that adult beverage.

But the last couple of years have been anything but random.

COVID & Your Immune System

Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of life as we know it. From shopping and working to going out with friends and visiting family, we’ve had to adjust to a new way of life.

Now, more than a year and a half later, we’re not only still protecting against COVID, but the delta variant that is more contagious and potentially severe than any others before it. And while the treatments to protect against COVID have evolved, there are a few measures that have remained consistent since the beginning.

One of the most recommended precautions to protect from COVID is ensuring you have a strong immune system. According to experts across the globe, strengthening your immune system is vital to provide protection from COVID.

The University of Maryland Medical System says:

“While there are no COVID medications or immunity-boosting supplements that can cure or prevent coronavirus, there are steps you can take to make your defenses as strong as possible.”

In addition to behaviors like reducing stress, getting sleep and eating a healthy diet, experts at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine recommend ensuring key vitamins and supplements to ensure a healthy immune system, including:

  • Vitamin C may help prevent viral, bacterial, and other infections.
  • Vitamin D is one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients that can reduce the risk of colds and flu.
  • Vitamin A, when used on a short-term basis, can help support the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Zinc can help reduce the number of infections and the duration of the common cold when taken within 24 hours of onset.

Replenish Your Immune System

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of great ways to boost your immune system, including more exercise, better diets, and less stress. But if we’re being honest, sometimes we just don’t have the time for all of that.

And that’s where Replenish IV Solutions can help. IV Therapy, and other similar services, have become more popular as schedules get more hectic. And the benefits of these services are well-documented and include:

  • Guaranteed absorption of vitamins;
  • Instant rehydration;
  • Fast treatment times;
  • Customized therapies and treatments; and
  • Immediate results.

We’ve been providing IV Therapy, vitamin injections, and other wellness services to help people boost their immune systems, as well as look and feel their best, since 2015. Replenish offer a variety of IV Therapy options that boost your immune system by replenishing the body with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. And for clients really looking for that boost, we also offer vitamin add-ons for IV Therapy, or Vitamin Injections, where each and every service is tailored to that client’s needs.

Wherever you are in your journey to boosting your immune system, protecting yourself against illness, or just wanting to look and feel your best, we have solutions and experts that can help guide you along the way.

The Replenish IV Experience

Replenish IV Solutions provides a variety of therapies to enhance a healthy and youthful lifestyle. We service our clients through four locations throughout Tampa and surrounding areas to include South Tampa, Carrollwood, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills.

Our services include personalized IV therapies, vitamin injections, NAD+, regenerative therapy, diagnostic screening, and esthetics to include injectable therapies. We also offer health and beauty retail products.

In addition to four locations around Tampa Bay, Replenish IV offers a 24/7 Concierge Service that brings the Replenish IV Solutions experience to you in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel.

Don’t forget to connect with us across our social media channels where you can learn more about events, promotions and more: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.